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Assam Rifles Conducts Flood Relief Practice

HT Correspondent


BISWANATH CHARIALI, April 20: Lokra Battalion of Headquarter 21 Sector Assam Rifles and Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles (East) conducted a flood relief practice cum demonstration at Lokra on Tuesday. Flood relief practice was reviewed by Brigadier V S Guleria, SM, Sector Commander, Agartala to check the operational readiness of Assam Rifles Flood Relief Columns. Sector Commander appreciated the training standards of the troops with respect to flood relief operations and also instructed them to remain ready at all times to provide the flood relief columns as aid to civil authority in case of any requirement. He also mentioned that with the impending monsoon season, there is a possibility of flooding in the low-lying areas of Assam. Therefore, it is pertinent that the Assam Rifles Flood Relief Columns maintain the highest standard of preparation and be ready to be employed at a short notice.

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