10 Animals With The Biggest Horns In The World

06/FEBRUARY /2024

Asian Water Buffalo​

The Asian water buffalo is the record holder for the world's largest horns. These horns measure a striking 13 feet and 10 inches from one point  to another. 

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The antlers of a fully grown male moose can have an impressive span of up to 83 inches from one tip to the other. Each antler has a significant weight of  40 pounds.

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Greater Kudus 

Male greater kudus, a species of antelope, are known for their long horns, which are intricately twisted two to three times. These horns, when measured along their curves, can span a length ranging from 47 to 74 inches. 

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Markhor, a species of wild goat, is known for its remarkable horns that interlock at the head and spiral tightly upwards and outwards. The male Markhors possess remarkable horns that, when extended in a straight line, can reach lengths of up to 63 inches.

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Caribou, a species of deer, are distinctively known for sporting the largest antlers in relation to their body size. The fully grown antlers can reach a span of 39 inches from one point to another and can measure up to 53 inches  in length.

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Male elks, unique in their capacity to grow antlers, can boast of an impressive growth rate of an inch per day until they reach full size. At their zenith, these antlers can extend up to 48 inches in length and weigh almost 40 pounds each.

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Scimitar Oryx  

The scimitar oryx, a species of antelope, is known for its impressive horns that can reach up to 47 inches in length.

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The Addax, a species teetering on the edge of extinction, is remarkably noted for its substantial horns. In male specimens, these horns can reach an impressive length of up to  43 inches.

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Ibex horns can reach a maximum length of 39  inches from base to tip.

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Ankole-Watusi Cattle 

Ankole-Watusis, a breed of domestic cattle, are known for their remarkable horn spread, which is the widest among all domestic cattle breeds. The spread measures up to 40.7 inches from one point to another.

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