10 Most-Loved Cold Drinks From The 90s'

28/OCTOBER /2023

Gold Spot: 

Gold Spot was a popular orange-flavored carbonated soft drink from Parle. It was known for its tangy taste and vibrant orange color. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the market. 

Thums Up: 

Thums Up is a cola brand that gained popularity in the '90s. It was known for its bold and strong flavor, often described as a spicier version of Coca-Cola. Thums Up is still available today and remains a favorite  among many. 


Marinda was a brand of orange soda that gained popularity in the '90s. It had a distinct orange flavor and was enjoyed by many 

Campa Lemon: 

Campa Lemon was a  lemon-flavored carbonated drink that offered a tangy and refreshing taste, making it a favorite during hot summer days. 


Rasna is a powdered soft drink concentrate that allowed people to make their own fruity beverages at home. It was available in various flavors and was a common sight at Indian households during the '90s. 

Rooh Afza: 

Rooh Afza is a popular rose-flavored syrup that can be mixed with water or milk to create a refreshing drink. It is known for its cooling properties and is often consumed during the hot summer months. 


Bovonto is a regional soft drink from South India. It is a carbonated grape-flavored beverage that gained popularity in the '90s and continues to be cherished by people in the southern part of the country. 

Campa Cola: 

Campa Cola was a cola brand that was quite popular in the '90s before it faced tough competition from global cola giants. It had its loyal fan base and is remembered fondly.


Citra was a drink owned by Parle Bisleri. It was successful in Kerala and other regions of  northern India. 


Limca is a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. It's available in regular and  diet varieties.

These iconic drinks from the '90s hold a special place in the hearts of many Indians and evoke nostalgia for a simpler time. While some of these beverages have evolved or disappeared from the market, others continue to be enjoyed by new generations.