10 Best Destinations in Bhutan to Visit in December 2022

20  NOVEMBER /2022


Before Thimpu became the nation’s capital, Punakha served as its capital. Punakha has a wide variety of attractions. 


Paro Valley, a city rich in beautiful history and home to various spiritual places, is sometimes called the “Last Shangri-La” on earth!  

Phobjikha Valley (Gangtey)

In Wangdue Phodrang, on the western side of the Black Mountains, there is a valley in the shape of a bowl called Phobjikha.  

Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang, one of the major districts, is home to various attractions, including monasteries, temples, animals, and rural communities.  

Chele La Pa

Chele La Pass, one of Bhutan’s most visited high peaks, is regarded as the country’s highest pass that is accessible by car.  

Taktsang Monastery

The vista, setting, and meditation at this monastery are well-known. It’s situated on a substantial granite cliff and is one of the country’s holiest sites.  


This Bhutanese village is perched on a rocky slope overlooking a vast valley that provides breath-taking vistas.  

Dagala Thousand Lake

Dagala Thousand Lakes in Bhutan, which is well-known, is truly a gift from above. You must do a five-day journey beginning in Paro Valley to get to Dagala.  


Bhutan’s capital city,  Thimphu (formerly known  as Thimbu), is the first location to visit.  


This enormous mountain,  also called Jhomolhari, rises to 7,326 meters.