10 Best Waterfalls In India to Visit During Monsoons For Stunning View

27 July /2022

Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Meghalaya 

Located around 7.5 km from Cherrapunji‎ in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya is the Nohkalikai Waterfalls, one of the most photogenic waterfalls in India. 

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa 

Nestled in the majestic Western Ghats, close to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, the Dudhsagar falls in Goa is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.  

Sanaghagara Falls, Odisha 

Sanaghagara Falls, situated in the Keonjhar district of Odisha, is noted for its rich and natural beauty. Sanaghagara, which means ‘small waterfall’, originated from the Machakandana river and drops from a height of 30.5 m. 

Chitrakote Waterfall, Chhattisgarh 

Situated in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, the Chitrakote waterfall originates from the Indravati river. The waterfall dropping from a height of 90 ft is the largest among the waterfalls in the state.

Patalpani Waterfall, Madhya Pradesh 

Patalpani waterfalls–situated in the Mhow Tehsil of Indore, along the Indore-Khandwa train route–is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh.

Umbrella Waterfalls, Maharashtra 

A seasonal waterfall located at the Bhandardara in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, the umbrella waterfall is amidst the luscious and green hill ranges of the Western Ghats.

Talakona Waterfall In Andhra Pradesh 

Dropping from a height of 270 ft, the Talakona waterfall is the tallest among the waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. Situated close to Tirupati-Madanapalle highway, in Sri Venkateswara National Park in Chittoor district, the waterfall drops from 270 feet.

Jog waterfalls, Karnataka 

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, the Jog falls is yet another of India’s tallest waterfalls. Also known as Gersoppa Falls or Jogada Gundi, the waterfall drops in four cascades namely Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket from a height of 829 ft.

Hogenakkal Falls,  Tamil Nadu 

Situated in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, Hogenakkal waterfalls is undoubtedly one of the best waterfalls in the country. Hogenakkal falls have about 14 channels varying between a height of 14 to 16 ft. 

Athirappilly Waterfalls, Kerala 

Formed from the Chalakudy river in Thrissur, Athirapilly falls from a height of 80 ft, making it the largest waterfall in Kerala.