10 Fastest Animals In World

11/FEBRUARY /2024

Brown Hare

The Brown Hare, known for its impressive speed, can travel as fast as 77 kph (48 mph). This is largely due to its long back legs. Interestingly, this speed matches that of its predator, the red fox. 

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Blue Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest, Thompson's gazelle, and Springbok can run almost as fast as a lion's sprint, reaching speeds of approximately 80 kph  (50 mph).

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The Sail Fish, known as the world's fastest fish, has recently outpaced the marlin, a fish capable of swimming at a speed of 80 kph (50 mph).

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Pronghorn Antelope

The Pronghorn antelope, recognized as the second fastest land mammal, can reach a remarkable top speed of 98 km/h, equivalent to  60 mph. 

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Sail Fish

Sailfish, recognized as the fastest fish globally, can reach top speeds of 110 kilometers per hour (68 miles per hour). 

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The cheetah, renowned for its agility in hunting, can reach a peak speed of 113 kph (70 mph). This is three times faster than the highest recorded human running speed, approximately 36 kph (22 mph). 

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Spur-Winged Goose

The Spur-Winged Goose holds the title for being the fastest and largest goose species worldwide, with a top speed of 142 kph (88 mph). 

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Frigate Bird

The Frigate bird, known for having the highest wingspan to body weight ratio among all birds, can achieve a remarkable top speed of 153 kilometers per hour, equivalent to 95 miles per hour. 

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White-Throated Needletail

The White-Throated Needletail, also known as the Spine Tailed Swift, is among the fastest birds, with a top recorded speed of 171 kph or 106 mph. 

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Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcon holds the title of the fastest animal on the planet. Its hunting technique, known as the stoop, involves soaring to a great height before diving steeply at speeds surpassing 322 kph (200 mph).

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