10 Fish That Can Survive Without Oxygen 

10/SEPTEMBER /2023

Walking Catfish 

Walking catfish are known for their ability to breathe air through their modified gills and skin. They can move across land to find new water sources during periods of low oxygen. 

Swamp Eels

Swamp eels have a specialized vascular structure in their skin that allows them to extract oxygen from the air when water conditions are poor. 


Snakehead fish have an accessory breathing organ called the suprabranchial chamber that enables them to take in atmospheric oxygen directly. 


Some gourami species possess a modified labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe atmospheric air when water oxygen levels  are low. 


Mudskippers are amphibious fish that can survive out of water for extended periods by using their specialized gill chambers to extract oxygen from the air. 


This group includes fish like bettas and paradise fish, which possess labyrinth organs for breathing air in low-oxygen environments.  

Electric Eels

Electric eels have a specialized respiratory system that allows them to gulp air from the surface, enabling them to survive in oxygen-depleted waters. 


Arowanas have a vascularized swim bladder that enables them to absorb oxygen from the air, which helps them survive in oxygen-poor water. 


Piranhas are known to tolerate low-oxygen conditions for short periods by taking in atmospheric air through their mouths. 

Climbing Perch

Climbing perch have a labyrinth organ that allows them to extract oxygen from air, helping them survive in stagnant or oxygen-depleted waters.