10 Hanging Plants For Your Balcony

10 / JULY  /2023

Spider Plant 

Spider plants are incredibly popular houseplants, but work great outdoors, too.


They grow prolifically and are very easy to propagate.

Burro's Tail 

Burro's tail is a succulent with distinctive spiky leaves that is fantastic for adding texture and interest to your balcony.


Petunia is more of a trailing plant, but it’s a common sight in hanging baskets.

Boston Fern 

Boston ferns make good outdoor hanging plants if you're willing to put in the effort.

Wandering Jewel 

It's also a fantastic pick for novices because it doesn't require much to keep it alive.

English Ivy 

Ivy is a popular choice for artificial plants. Faux ivy (like this) makes an excellent foundation for a privacy screen.

String of pearls 

Be prepared for it to die on the spur of the moment, as it's a diva.


Fuchsia may not be your first choice for hanging plants, but miniature and trailing types look lovely in baskets.

Other string plants 

There are hundreds of "string of" hanging plants available that give a variety of visual interest to hanging pots.