10 Most Dangerously Polluted Cities In The World 2024

17/JUNE/ 2024

Bandhwari, India 

Bandhwari, a village near Gurugram in Haryana, faces significant environmental challenges. Despite an average Air Quality Index (AQI) of 90.5, which is considered moderate, the village contends with severe issues related to water contamination and landfill mismanagement.

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Greater Noida,  India 

Greater Noida, a rapidly expanding city in India, has an average Air Quality Index (AQI) of 91.3, which falls into the moderate category. The city's air pollution is driven by several factors, including numerous industries, extensive construction activities, rapid urbanization, and deforestation. 

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Raiwind, Pakistan 

Raiwind, a bustling urban center in Pakistan, faces significant pollution challenges, reflected in its average Air Quality Index  (AQI) of 92.2

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Gurugram, India 

Gurugram, one of the rapidly growing cities in India, faces significant pollution challenges, reflected in its average Air Quality Index  (AQI) of 93. 

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Noida, India 

Noida, an industrial hub and a rapidly developing city in India has an average AQI of 97.7. Reason responsible for the pollution are vehicle emission, dust and poor waste management. 

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Delhi, India 

Delhi, the capital city of India, is one of the world’s most polluted cities having the average AQI of 98.6. Addressing Delhi's pollution problems requires coordinated efforts, including promoting sustainable agricultural practices to reduce crop burning.

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Faisalabad,  Pakistan 

Faisalabad is one of the Pakistan largest industrial hubs has an average AQI of 104.6. Several factors contribute to the pollution such as numerous industries, vehicular exhaust, and the burning of solid waste. 

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Gujranwala, Pakistan 

Gujranwala, a major industrial city in Pakistan has an average AQI of 105.3. The increasing number of vehicles, many of which are outdated and poorly maintained, release large amounts of exhaust pollutants, contributing significantly to air pollution.

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Hotan, China 

Hotan, China, is world second most polluted city with an average AQI of 110.1. The region is prone to sandstorms, which carry large amounts of dust and sand particles into the air, significantly increasing levels of particulate matter.

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Ghaziabad, India 

Ghaziabad, known as the most polluted city in the world, has an average air quality index of 110.2, an unhealthy air quality. The reasons include traffic, industrial emissions, and construction dust and garbage.

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