10 Most Iconic Lovers in History  

25/SEPTEMBER /2023

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's tragic young lovers from "Romeo and Juliet" become the epitome of devoted, ill-fated love. 

Heer and Ranjha 

The narrative of Heer, a beautiful country girl, and Ranjha, an attractive young man who becomes a roaming minstrel, is told in a Punjabi folktale. Their love transcends cultural standards as well as Heer's family's condemnation.  

Laila and Majnu 

The story of Laila and Majnu is based on Arabic mythology but is extensively loved in Indian culture. Their love story is filled with tremendous passion, familial rivalry, and ultimately tragedy. Laila and Majnu's relationship is frequently cited as an example of real, unselfish love. 


Mirza, a skillful archer, and Sahiba, a lovely rural girl, are the central characters in this Punjabi love story. Their love is opposed by Sahiba's family, resulting in a dramatic and sad ending. The narrative of Mirza-Sahiba is commemorated in Punjabi poetry and folk melodies.

Radha and Krishna​

The holy love tale of Radha and Krishna is a key motif in Hindu mythology and poetry. Their love represents the deep bond between the individual soul (Atman) and the divinity (Paramatman). Numerous religious songs and stories praise their fun and  spiritual love.

Shirin and Farhad 

This Persian love story has made its way into Indian society as well. Shirin, a princess, and Farhad, a poor stonecutter, fall in love. Their love story is distinguished by devotion and tragic turns, making it a classic love story. 

Anarkali and Salim 

Anarkali, a lovely dancer, and Salim, a Mughal prince, enjoy a passionate love tale that Emperor Akbar opposes. Their love story has been immortalised in literature, films, and plays. 

Cleopatra and Mark Antony​

The Egyptian queen and the Roman commander were involved in a passionate and turbulent love affair that altered the course of history. 

Tristan and Isolde 

In one of the most lasting mediaeval loves, this mythical Celtic pair fought cultural constraints and fate itself to be together. 

Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, and Wallis Simpson

Edward's resignation of the British monarchy in order to marry Wallis Simpson remains one of the most divisive acts of love in  royal history.