10 Places Where Women Are Barred From Entering 

15/NOVEMBER /2023

Mount Athos, Greece 

Mount Athos is an autonomous monastic state where entry is prohibited to women.

Sabarimala Temple, India 

Women of menstruating age were historically barred from entering this Hindu temple, although this restriction has been a topic of legal and  social debate. 

Mevlana Museum, Turkey 

Some areas of the museum, dedicated to the Sufi poet Rumi, were traditionally off-limits  to women. 

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, Australia 

Historically, this private tennis club did not allow female members, although this policy has since changed.

Augusta National Golf Club, USA 

This golf club did not admit female members for many years, but they began accepting  women in 2012. 

Haji Ali Dargah, India 

Women were restricted from entering the inner sanctum of this Muslim shrine, but a court ruling in 2016 allowed  them access. 

Cheong Wa Dae, South Korea 

The presidential residence in South Korea had a restriction on women entering certain parts, but this policy has been challenged  and changed. 

Pindaya Caves, Myanmar 

There were some restrictions for women entering parts of this Buddhist cave complex, but it was gradually changing.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem 

Some Christian denominations had restrictions on women entering certain parts, but these varied between denominations and had been evolving. 

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club  of St. Andrews, Scotland 

For many years, this golf club did not admit female members, but the policy changed in 2014.