10 Religious Plants To Worship

08/AUGUST /2023


Tulsi is one of the holiest plants as per Hindu scriptures. This has a spiritual significance. This is Lord Vishnu's most favourite herb and without offering Tusli Patra to Lord Vishnu, puja is considered incomplete..!! 

Parijaat Tree 

This flower is considered most sacred as this has been brought by Lord Krishna from heaven for his consort Rukmini. This is Goddess Laxmi's favourite flower so it is offered to the Goddess and devotees seek blessings..!!

Bilva Patra 

Bilva tree is the most revered and sacred tree. Bel Patra is offered to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Bel Patra tree was emerged from the sweat of Goddess Parvati..!! 


This flower is used in several puja rituals. This flower is loved by Goddess Laxmi and seen with a lotus blossom in her hand. It is also connected to Lord Brahma, which is why it is sacred..!! 

Peepal Tree 

People worship peepal tree by lighting an earthen lamp under the tree on every Saturday. This sacred tree has great religious significance in Hindu religion..!!

Banyan Tree 

Banyan tree is worshipped by large number of devotees. It is believed that trinity resides in this tree. Worshiping a banyan tree is considered to be extremely lucky. On Vat Savitri, women worship this tree for the longevity of their husbands..!! 

Coconut Tree 

The coconut tree is one of the most revered and sacred tree which is worshipped by large number of people. Coconut is offered to all the gods to  seek blessings.!! 

Sandalwood Tree 

Sandalwood tree is revered as it is considered extremely holy and pure. The paste of sandalwood is used to decorate shivlingam..!! 

Kadamb Tree  

This Kadamba tree is connected with Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishan spent his early years here, where he also learned to play the flute under this  sacred tree.  

Ashoka Tree 

Ashoka tree is also one of the most revered tree. It is believed, Lord Buddha was born beneath the Ashoka tree. It is also related to the goddess Lakshmi. Its leaves are used in many religious ceremonies..!!