10 Richest Person in the World

August, 2022

This is the first time when an Asian was ranked among the top 3 in Bloomberg's most richest list.  With this latest commotion in the list, here are the updated rankings of the world’s top 10 wealthiest individuals in descending order of net worth 

The Tesla chief is on the top of the rankings with a fortune of $251 billion. Musk is also the chief executive of SpaceX, a space rocket manufacturer 

elon musk

The founder of the world’s biggest online retailer – Amazon – has a net worth of $153 billion. “Amazon had revenue of $470 billion in 2021,” the report said. 

Jeff Bezos 

The latest entrant in the list, Adani has a net worth of $137 billion. Before setting up the Adani Enterprises, he was a diamond trader in Mumbai. The Adani group “is also India’s largest closely held thermal coal producer and largest coal trader”. 

Gautam Adani 

Bernard is the richest person in France with a net worth of $136 billion. He is the chairman of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. 

Bernard Arnault 

The co-founder of the world’s biggest software making company Microsoft, Gates has amassed a fortune of $117 billion.

Bill Gates

The Berkshire Hathaway chief, Buffet has a net worth of $100 billion. The investment group Hathaway has delivered a 20% compounded annual gain in market value since 1965. 

Warren Buffet 

Page is the other co-founder of Alphabet and his net worth, according to the Index, is $100 billion. The 49-year-old’s biggest asset is GOOG US Equity. 

Larry Page 

With a net worth of $95.8 billion, Brin is a co-founder of Alphabet, the holding company that owns Google.

Sergey Brin 

The former Microsoft CEO has a net worth of $93.7 billion. Ballmer also owns the L.A. Clippers basketball team  as per the Bloomberg report 

Steve Ballmer 

The founder of database company Oracle, Ellison has a net worth of $93.3 billion. Oracle reported a revenue of over $40 billion in the year to March 31, 2021. 

Larry Ellison