10 Single Malt Whiskies Under INR 7000

24/DECEMBER /2023

Glenfiddich  12 Year Old

Perhaps one of the most popular Speyside names in the whiskey game — Glenfiddich is home to several award-winning bottles. 

Sexton Single Malt

Adding an Irish touch to this roundup is an exceptional single malt that’s crafted by one of very few female master blenders in the whisky industry. 

Aberlour  12-Year-Old

A quality Speyside name — Aberlour makes for a classic addition to any home bar. 

Scapa Skiren

A nod to Britain’s most historic stretches of water in the Orkney Islands of Scotland — Scapa boasts exquisite numbers. 

Talisker 10 Year

For those who enjoy their whisky punchy and smoky — Talisker offers some of the best options in the business. 

Glenmorangie  The Original

Home to some of the world’s most innovative malts — Glenmorangie is a classic, connoisseur-approved choice. 

Amrut Fusion

One of the oldest whisky names in India — Amrut is home to elegant, award-winning numbers. 

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Home to some of the world’s oldest scotches as well as the second largest selling single malt — Glenlivet is a quality choice. 

Paul John Bold

Another homegrown number that’s made waves internationally — Paul John has several delicious malts on offer. 

Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023

Rounding out this list is an award-winning Indian single malt that has dominated global headlines. 

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