10 Smartest Birds In The World

14/SEPTEMBER /2023

African Grey Parrot

Renowned for their exceptional mimicry and vocabulary skills, they can understand and use words in context.

Goffin’s Cockatoo

This cockatoo species has remarkable problem-solving abilities and innovative behavior.


A parrot native to New Zealand, the Kea is known for its curiosity,  problem-solving skills, and ability to manipulate objects.

Eurasian Jay

These birds exhibit complex caching behaviors, remembering where they’ve hidden their food.

New Caledonian Crow

Known for its tool-making and problem-solving abilities, this crow can create tools to obtain food.


Known for their vocal mimicry, and problem-solving skills, like figuring out how to manipulate objects, open locks, and access food.


They belong to the crow family. They can find hidden food within containers and sometimes even recognize themselves in mirrors.

Alexandrine Parakeet

Known for their problem-solving skills, they can solve puzzles and engage in complex tasks.


Small parrots, capable of voice imitation, socialization, remembering sounds, solving puzzles and engaging in playful activities.

California  Scrub-Jay

These birds can plan for the future and exhibit a form of episodic memory.