10 Types Of Chilies Used  In India

16/ APRIL / 2024

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia, also called ghost peppers, are cultivated in regions like Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh. They rank among the spiciest peppers globally.

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Kashmiri Chili

Kashmiri Chili, primarily cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir, is mild in heat yet renowned for its vibrant red color, making it a popular choice in Indian kitchens.

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Guntur Chili

Originating from Andhra Pradesh, Guntur chili is renowned worldwide for its fiery heat and is an essential component in recipes such as Guntur Chicken curry.

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Jwala Chili

Cultivated in Gujarat, Jwala Chili boasts intense flavor and transitions to a red hue upon ripening, commonly featured in spicy Indian cuisine.

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Kanthari Chili

Recognized as the Bird’s eye chili from Kerala, Kanthari Chili brings both heat and spiciness to recipes, frequently utilized in South Indian cooking.

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Byadagi Chili

Named after the town of Byadagi in Karnataka, Byadagi Chili is characterized by its deep red color and mild spiciness, commonly incorporated into South Indian dishes such as sambar.

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Ramnad Mundu Chili

Originating from Tamil Nadu, Ramnad Mundu Chili contributes a distinct and ideal flavor to traditional dishes.

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Khola Chili

Hailing from Goa, the vibrant red Khola Chili is renowned for its flavorful richness and is frequently employed in stuffing seafood for  classic recipes.

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Dalle Khursani

Discovered in Sikkim, Dalle Khursani chilies are popularly employed in North-eastern cuisine such as momos and pickles, prized for their  fiery taste.

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Dhani Chili

Dhani Chili, predominantly cultivated in Manipur and Kolkata, is recognized for its potent aroma and intense spiciness.

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