10 Types Of Maggi To Try

04/FEBRUARY /2024

Classic Masala Maggi

The ever-popular Classic Masala Maggi continues to reign supreme among instant noodles. Its signature masala flavor, beloved by many, justifies its classic status. Indeed, it's a classic  for a reason!

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Cheesy Maggi

Enhance your Maggi experience by adding some grated cheese to it while it's still hot. Allow the cheese to melt, transforming your dish into a bowl of gooey delight.

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Vegetable masala Maggi

Enhance the nutritional value of your meals by including your preferred vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, corn, and peas. Take pleasure in each moment by enjoying one noodle at a time.

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Schezwan Maggi

Enhance your Maggi with some Schezwan sauce. This addition not only introduces a spicy element but also infuses a delightful Chinese flavour to your meal.

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Egg Maggi

Introduce an exciting twist to your regular Maggi by adding an egg. Simply crack an egg into the boiling Maggi and allow it to cook along with  the noodles. 

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Italian Maggi

For a delightful twist to your regular Maggi, consider adding some Italian herbs such as oregano, basil, and thyme. Enhance the flavour with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese. 

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Veg Jalapeños Maggi

Add chopped jalapenos to your Maggi and cook thoroughly  for an enhanced taste.

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Tandoori Maggi

Give your regular Maggi a unique twist by adding some tandoori masala or tandoori sauce. This will provide a smoky and flavourful spin to your dish, making it an exciting culinary experience.

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Chicken cheese omelette Maggi 

The combination of magic masala, egg, and chicken creates a harmonious blend of flavours. Topping it with cheese enhances the  overall taste.

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Cheesy Garlic Maggi

Add a zesty twist to your meal by incorporating grated cheese and minced garlic. These ingredients not only enhance the taste but also add a delightful aroma.

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