10 Unique Animals That Are Found Only In Australia 

17/FEBRUARY /2024

Australian wildlife 

Australia boasts a diverse range of wildlife, with many species specially adapted to the country's unique environments. Over 80 percent of the flora and fauna found on this expansive continent are endemic, signifying their exclusive presence in Australia 

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Cassowary, a bird species descended from dinosaurs, has been labelled as the 'most dangerous bird on Earth.' Recognised for their robust legs and potent kicks, these birds utilise these physical attributes for defense and evasion from predators.

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Echidnas, the toothless creatures, are known for their unique behaviour of using their long, sticky tongues to catch termites. When they sense danger, they burrow into the ground and curl up into a ball, exposing only their sharp spines as a defence mechanism. 

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Australia is home to the largest native bird, the Emu. This flightless bird stands nearly two metres tall and inhabits sclerophyll forests and savanna woodlands.

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Kangaroos hold a significant position in Australia's wildlife. They are recognised as the national animal emblem of the country, sharing this honour with the emu and the golden wattle flower on Australia's coat of arms. 

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Koalas, globally acknowledged as Australia's emblem, are arboreal mammals that sleep up to 18 hours a day, largely dependent on eucalyptus leaves for sustenance. 

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The platypus, also known as the duck-billed platypus, has existed for 100 million years. Possessing a bill similar to a duck, a beaver-like tail, and feet resembling those of an otter, this creature initially puzzled naturalists. 

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Quokkas, comparable in size to domestic cats, can be spotted all over the former penal colony, engrossed in nibbling leaves or observing the scenery while balancing on their hind legs. Known for their photogenic and friendly nature, these creatures seemingly bear a perpetual smile.

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Sugar Glider 

Sugar gliders, the common marsupials native to Australia, are known for their unique ability to glide from tree to tree in both tropical and cool-temperate forests. They owe this ability to a soft membrane called a patagium, stretching between their wrists and ankles, which functions like a parachute.

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Tasmanian Devil 

Tasmanian devils, known for their fiercely territorial nature, guttural growl and powerful bite, can best be spotted in the wild while driving around Tasmania. Once hunted for their fur, these creatures are now endangered. 

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