The Most Pleasant Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

24  NOVEMBER /2022


It is one of the best destinations to go on a honeymoon with your partner. Book your Hong Kong Honeymoon Package today!


Thailand has a lovely mix of both traditions, history, beaches, and adventures! Whether you visit for a week or a month, Thailand will prove to be the best memory you both ever make.


Vietnam is a crazy yet wonderful place. It is rich in culture and history and consists of many amazing places which will surely make your honeymoon in Vietnam unforgettable. 


For newlyweds, the nightlife of Kathmandu is most preferable to enjoy a lot. Boudhanath is the most spiritual place in Kathmandu which is must visited by newlyweds couples for blessings and happiness in their married life.


Cambodia is truly a perfect paradise for a honeymoon destination in Southeast Asia. This country may not spring to mind when you think of a special place for your romantic trip of a lifetime.


The Maldives universally remains a top honeymoon destination due to its unique setting as a special piece of paradise in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean. 


One of the best honeymoon places in the world not just in Bali is Gili Islands where couples can enjoy a serene time amidst natural beauty of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches fringed with coconut trees. 


If a picture-perfect beach is an important ingredient in your luxury honeymoon, then the Philippines is an ideal destination for you.


The country is a heaven on earth for couples because of the numerous beaches, romantic resorts and activities like snorkelling and fishing.