22 JANUARY /2023

5 Fermented Drinks To Sip Over The Weekend

While fermentation is a known method of preservation, it is a great additive to drinks too. From kombucha to water kefir, try these fermented beverages over the weekend.

Ginger Ale

A strong fermented drink that doesn't contain any alcohol, ginger ale is a concoction of tartaric acid, yeast, water, lemon oil and sugar.


This bubbly, fermented beverage is a made from SCOBY, a kind of yeast which lends it a light alcoholic touch. It is a sweet version of black tea that undergoes fermentation


This Mexican booze is made from the fermented sap of agave and has a creamy-whitish appearance and sour taste. Vegetable/fruit juices are added to the taste.


This Egyptian drink is known to have existed since the Mesopotamian civilization. Made of hulled millet mixed in water, it is seived and fermented.

Water Kefir

A fermented conciction that is made in water instead of its usual diary form, the sucrose mixed in water kefir grains and contains antibacterial properties.