6 Upcoming Bridge Projects In India That Will Boost Connectivity 

31/DECEMBER /2023

Revolutionising Infrastructure

Spanning rivers and regions, a series of visionary bridge projects across India are set to redefine the country's connectivity map. 

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KacchiDargah  –Bidupur Bridge 

The construction of a 6-lane bridge across the Ganges, linking Patna and Hajipur, is set to dramatically improve connectivity in Bihar.

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Mokama Ganga Bridge (Aunta-Simaria) NH-31 

The Aunta-Simaria segment of NH-31 is set to undergo major transformation with the initiation of an extradosed bridge project. This project aims to significantly improve the connectivity landscape of Bihar, contributing to the region's development.

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New Zuari  Bridge

The upcoming NH-66 bridge in Goa, designed to be an expansive 6-8 lane highway, aims to connect Bambolim and Verna. This development is expected to significantly enhance the region's connectivity.

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Noney Bridge 

The Noney Bridge in Manipur is set to be the world's tallest railway pier bridge, promising a significant transformation in the region's connectivity. This monumental infrastructure development is anticipated to boost trade, tourism, and overall economic growth in the region.

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Mumbai Trans Harbour Link 

As India's longest sea bridge, upon completion, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link is poised to redefine connectivity around the bustling city of Mumbai.

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Ambhora Bridge 

Representing India's first cable-stayed bridge with a distinctive sky gallery, the Ambhora Bridge project signifies a leap in innovative infrastructure for improved connectivity.

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These upcoming bridge projects across India stand poised to redefine connectivity, promising a future of enhanced accessibility and regional development.

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