7 Assamese Delicacies You Should Try  

02/DECEMBER /2023

Embarking on a culinary journey through AssaM, one encounters a rich tapestry of flavours woven into traditional dishes. From the tangy allure of Masor Tenga to the comforting simplicity of Aloo Pitika, each dish reflects the vibrant essence of Assamese gastronomy 

Doi Chira 

Doi-Chira is a delightful blend of flattened rice and curd. The creamy texture of curd complements the crunch of flattened rice, creating a refreshing and filling dish. 


Khar is a unique Assamese ingredient made by filtering the ash of charred banana peels in an infusion of alkaline water which imparts a distinctive taste. 

Khorisa Maas 

This dish combines fermented bamboo shoots (khorisa) with fish (maas), resulting in a unique  mix of flavours. 

Aloo Pitika 

Aloo Pitika is a comforting mashed potato dish elevated with mustard oil, onions, and green chillies. It's simple but has a burst of flavours, making it a beloved  side dish. 

Til Pitha 

A sweet treat, Narikol Pitha is a sesame-filled rice cake. The coconut filling adds a delightful sweetness, while the outer layer provides a satisfying texture 

Hanhor Mangxo Komora with Ou Khatta 

This dish features duck (hanhor) cooked with komora (elephant apple) and ou khatta (elephant apple chutney). 

Dhekia Xaak Aru Aalu Bhaji 

A delectable stir-fry, Dhekia Xaak Aru Aalu Bhaji brings together fiddlehead ferns (dhekia xaak)  and potatoes