7 Best Assam Historical Sites to Visit

29/SEPTEMBER /2023

Kamakhya Temple

It is an ancient Shakti shrine, perched atop Nilachal Hill with captivating architecture.

Sivasagar Sivadol

It is a group of  18th-century Vaishnavite temples, reflecting Assamese history and religion.

Rang Ghar

It is an amphitheater-like structure from Ahom dynasty, once used for royal events.

Manas  National Park

It is a UNESCO site with ancient connections, harboring wildlife and ancient relics.

Talatal Ghar

It is a palace fortress showcasing Ahom engineering, featuring secret tunnels and chambers.

Barpeta Satra

It is a Vaishnavite monastery holding cultural and religious importance since the 16th century.


It is a pilgrimage center with the ancient Hayagriva Madhava Temple and the Powa Mecca mosque.