7 Days of Bohag Bihu

13/ APRIL  /2023

1. Goru Bihu

On the occasion of Goru Bihu, the cattle of the villages is bought to a single water source and thoroughly washed and cleaned with the help of turmeric and black gram paste.  

2. Manuah Bihu

On the occasion of Manuah Bihu, people have a traditional bath using turmeric, they also clean their house holds and wear traditional clothes. They visit their relatives and seek blessings from the elders. 

3. Goasain Bihu

On the occasion of Gosain Bihu, the Gods are worshiped and traditional songs are sung in village namghars. People seek protection and blessing for a good harvest.

4. Tator Bihu

Tatxal is the most adorable asset of every Assamese household. To provide a special space in people’s life the fourth day of Bihu is celebrated as Tator Bihu.

5. Nangolor Bihu

Nangol is the chief tool among the others for agriculture. The fifth day of Bihu is called Nangolor Bihu

6. Senehi Bihu

On the sixth day, the daughters come to their parents’ house to celebrate Bihu. That’s why its called Jiyori bihu. Again Senehi Bihu is day that is reserved exclusively for lovers.  

7. Sera Bihu

Sera Bihu is the last day of the celebrations. On this day, during ancient times the king used to participate in a fair along with his subjects.