7 Most Beautiful Migratory Birds That Visit India Every Year 

03/JANUARY /2024

Amur Falcon 

These small, agile raptors are known for their remarkable long-distance migration. They travel from Siberia to Northeast India, specifically Nagaland and Manipur, making a breathtaking spectacle  in the skies. 

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Bar-headed Goose 

Known for their high-altitude migration over the Himalayas, these geese have distinctive black bars on their heads. They can be spotted in various wetlands and lakes  across northern India. 

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Black-necked Crane 

Found in the high-altitude regions of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, these cranes are revered in Buddhist culture. Their distinctive black necks and red crowns make them a prized sighting for bird enthusiasts. 

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Both Greater Flamingos and Lesser Flamingos migrate to India's coastal areas, notably in places like Mumbai's Sewri Jetty, Gujarat's Kutch region, and parts of Tamil Nadu. Their vibrant pink plumage is a sight to behold against  the water. 

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Ruddy Shelduck

These ducks are easily recognizable by their bright orange plumage. They migrate to India, often seen in wetlands and marshes, including the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and various Himalayan lakes.  

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Siberian Crane 

These striking white birds with black primaries are among the most endangered crane species. They visit India, particularly Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan, during the winter months.  

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Steppe Eagle

These majestic birds of prey migrate to India during the winter months, particularly in the western and central regions. Their wingspan and impressive flight make them stand out as they soar over the landscapes. 

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