7 Most Expensive Indian Painting

‘The StoryTeller’  By:  Amrita Sher-Gil

Amrita Sher-Gil's masterpiece, "The StoryTeller," garnered significant attention as it fetched a staggering Rs 61.8 crore at an auction held by the Saffron Art Gallery  in Delhi. 

‘Gestation’  By:  S H Raza

Before Amrita Sher-Gil's "The StoryTeller," ‘Gestation’ held the record for the highest sale at a substantial Rs 51.75 crore. This prized piece was auctioned at Pundole’s, Mumbai.

‘Untitled’  By:  VS Gaitonde

VS Gaitonde's masterpiece, that is Untitled, is a remarkable abstract painting created in the year 1969. Gaitonde's artistic genius shines through in this work, introducing fresh innovations that blend the delicate balance of light, texture, color and space.

‘Bull on Rickshaw’ By:  Tyeb Mehta

The painting by Tyeb Mehta is a brilliant celebration of his favorite subjects. It features a tied-up bull on a rickshaw, appearing to be losing control and spiraling into chaos.

​‘Hunger’  By:  F.N Souza

The painting 'Hunger' by F.N. Souza, fetched a substantial Rs 34.5 crore and is a powerful representation of the artist's signature style. Souza is recognized for delving into the darker, more somber aspects of society through his art.

​‘Birth’  By:  F.N Souza

Another artwork of F.N Souza, 'Birth', sold for approximately 31 crore at a New York auction in 2015. It is a powerful portrayal encapsulating the intense pain and struggle experienced by a pregnant woman during childbirth.

​‘Saurashtra’  By:  S H Raza

In 1983, Syed Haider Raza crafted a pivotal masterpiece titled 'Saurashtra.’ The artwork later sold for around 27 crores at a 2010 auction. The painting beautifully captures the essence of the coastal landscape in Gujarat, showcasing the serene beauty of the region