7 Rare Flowers From Around The World

06/OCTOBER /2023

Juliet Rose

The Juliet Rose is not only one of the world's rarest flowers, but it is also the world's rarest rose.

Ghost Orchid

The Ghost Orchid, so named because of the way its petals curve, is one of the world's rarest flowers because it needs extreme heat and humidity to thrive.

Fire Lily

Although the Fire Lily, often called the Flame Lily, is not a particular rare flower, but it is rapidly turning endangered in some areas.

Chocolate Cosmos

Given that it has long since gone extinct in the wild, the chocolate cosmos has earned a spot on the list of rare flowers in the world.


One of the rarest flowers in the world is the Kadupul flower, a cactus blooming that blooms occasionally and very rarely.

Corpse Flower

Because it only blooms once every few decades, the corpse flower is regarded as one of the rarest flowers in the world.

Franklin Tree Flower

Since it hasn't been in the wild since the early 1800s, the Franklin Tree Flower is considered to be one of the world's rarest flowers.