7 Refreshing Gateways In India!

02 November /2022

Delhi's temperatures have again started to fall and this comes when we have not even reached the peak of the season yet. It is high time to get away from Delhi's heat and experience the onset of winters in some actually cold places.  

Srinagar, Jammu  & Kashmir

We don't really need to explain the beauty of Srinagar's peaceful serenity. Even if we try, we don't feel words could ever do justice to Jammu & Kashmir's spectacular and majestic beauty. 

Leh, Ladakh

Assume traveling across a beautiful mountainous region when a cool breeze blows across your face and hair. Doesn't it seem like a dream? Taking pictures with your family on the windy Leh roads is a beautiful experience.  


Shimla is favourite among everyone seeking a break from the daily boring routine in the lap of nature. The atmosphere is peaceful, and the cool weather makes it an excellent place to visit with your friends and family during the hot summer months. 


The next place on this list is Gangtok, which has left an unforgettable mark on everyone who has visited there, thanks to its unparalleled beautiful nature, pleasant climate, and stunning sights.  


If beautiful snowy mountains make your knees weak, perhaps Auli is the place for you. Auli is often compared to Switzerland, and it is truly a heavenly place. Auli's stunning peaks are precisely everything you need to escape the Delhi hot weather.

Kalpa, Himachal 

Kalpa is a small but lovely village located in the gorgeous Kinnaur-Kailash Himalayan Mountains and is unquestionably a nature lover's delight. 


Mussoorie, often renowned as the 'Queen of Hills,' is a famous hill station in India that is situated at an altitude of 6,578 feet and features lovely and magnificent scenery, making it a famous tourist destination for all ages.