8 Animals That Live Far Away From Water 



Armadillos, the armored mammals known for their distinctive protective shell, are adaptable creatures that can be found across a range  of diverse habitats. 

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Kangaroos, a native species of Australia, are known to inhabit a variety of environments. They thrive in diverse habitats, from grasslands to woodlands. Interestingly, these marsupials have adapted to survive even in areas where water sources may not be readily available.

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Camels, with their unique adaptation capabilities, are known to thrive in desert environments. These resilient creatures can endure long durations without water, making arid regions far from water sources their  natural habitat. 

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Giraffes, the world's tallest mammals, primarily inhabit savannas and woodlands. They are typically found feeding on leaves from trees and bushes. Interestingly, these creatures often reside far from water sources. 

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Mountain Goat

Adapted to rocky mountainous habitats, these sure-footed animals are known to graze on grasses and plants, often at considerable distances  from water.

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Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes, commonly found in tundra and Arctic regions, have a unique survival mechanism. They do not require direct access to water. Instead, they extract the necessary moisture from their food and the snow around them. 

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Koalas, known as arboreal marsupials, are primarily found in eucalyptus forests. They derive the majority of their moisture not from water sources, but from the leaves they consume.

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Chameleons, recognised for their unique characteristic of changing colours to match their environment, inhabit diverse regions, ranging from forests to deserts. 

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