8 Bollywood Singers Who Deserve A Biopic 

26/AUGUST /2023

Lata Mangeshkar 

With honorific titles such as the "Queen of Melody", "Nightingale of India", and "Voice of the Millennium", Lata Mangeshkar is regarded as one of the best singers of all times. With Shraddha Kapoor expressing interest in wanting to play this legendary singer, we hope that a film will soon be made 

Mohammed Rafi 

Mohammed Rafi's melodious songs continue to rule our playlist even decades after his demise and such was the prowess of his unmatchable talent. Rafi's inspiring journey in the movie industry will surely be a memorable film  as well 

Kishore Kumar 

Kishore Kumar is widely regarded as one of the greatest, most influential and dynamic singers in the history of Indian music. From changing his name from Abhas Kumar to cementing his place as the most sought after singer, Kishore Da's musical journey is one that we really wish for comes alive on  the big screen 

Asha Bhosle 

Legendary singer Asha Bhosle has recorded thousands of songs in her career spanning over eight decades. Asha Bhosle's journey from a small hamlet in Sangli, to the realms of Bollywood is a story that deserves a biopic 

A R Rahman 

Musical maestro A R Rahman has paid immensely to put Indian music on the global map. His journey from Dilip to becoming the most talented musicians in the country, surely deserves a biopic! Who do you think should play him in the film?

Shreya Ghoshal 

Undoubtedly, the most successful singer in India, Shreya Ghoshal's foray into the music industry and her ability to seamlessly render any song across languages is awe-inspiring. Her biopic is one which every music lover would want to watch


Singer KK's recent demise came as a shocker to his fans in the industry. KK began his career by singing advertising jingles and made his film debut in 1996 on an A. R. Rahman soundtrack. He soon became our most favourite singer and his journey into the movies deserves to be immortalized 

Alka Yagnik 

Alka Yagnik has over 20,000 songs to her credit and continues to spark her magic on us with her soulful tracks. She was recognized as the most streamed artist in the world by Guinness World Records and her biopic is one that her fans definitely  want to watch