8 Healthy Alternatives To Wheat Roti

10/JANUARY /2024

Nutritional Substitutes For Wheat Roti  

There are many gluten-free and protein-packed substitutes for wheat roti. A change in dietary preferences has been recommended by dieticians. Here are 8 healthy alternatives to wheat roti. Tap to know more.

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Oats Roti

Oats roti, a nutritious breakfast option, is easy to prepare. The process involves finely grinding oats to produce flour, which is then kneaded into a dough. Being a filling meal, oats roti serves as an excellent start to the day.

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Makki Ki Roti 

Consider swapping your regular wheat roti for makki ki roti, as corn is a healthier alternative to wheat.

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Ragi Roti

Ragi roti, a staple in many Indian households, is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Made from ragi flour, it is a gluten-free and healthy alternative to traditional wheat-based rotis. Its consumption promotes overall well-being and supports a balanced diet.

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Besan Roti

Besan roti, a flatbread made of gram flour dough, is hailed as a nutrient-dense alternative to the commonly consumed wheat roti. With a high protein content, it offers significant nutritional benefits.

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Bajra Roti 

Begin your day with a breakfast menu featuring bajra roti. This meal is packed with fiber and a multitude of nutrients. Bajra roti is prepared from the dough of bajra, also known as pearl millet flour.

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Jowar Roti  

Jowar flour, rich in thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, serves as a nutritious alternative to wheat in roti preparation. The dough for roti is made by kneading Jowar flour.

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Quinoa Roti 

Quinoa, a food renowned for its numerous health advantages, is now being used to create a wholesome roti. This roti is fashioned by blending quinoa paste into wheat flour to form a dough. Consuming this quinoa roti can contribute positively to your overall health. 

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Moong Dal Roti

Moong dal roti is a protein-packed option good for your meals. The roti is made by preparing a dough of soaked and ground moong dal, mixed with wheat flour. You can add more veggies into the flour to make the roti more appetizing

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