8 Shawls You Have In Winter Season

22/DECEMBER /2023

Pashmina Shawl

Known for its softness and warmth, Pashmina shawls are made from  the fine wool of the  Pashmina goat.

Jamawar Shawl

These shawls are intricately woven with colorful threads, often displaying paisley patterns and  traditional motifs.

Kullu Shawl

These shawls are made in the Kullu Valley and are known for their geometric designs and vibrant colors.

Kani Shawl

These shawls are woven using the Kani technique, producing stunning, intricate patterns using small wooden sticks called 'kanis'.

Ajrak Shawl

Originating from the Kutch region, these shawls feature block prints with geometric and floral patterns, dyed using natural colors.

Phulkari Shawl

Phulkari embroidery on shawls from Punjab is famous for its vibrant threadwork, depicting intricate floral motifs.

Muga Silk Shawl

Made from the golden silk produced by Assam's Muga silkworms, these shawls are known for their durability and natural sheen.

Telia Rumal Shawl

Telia Rumal shawls are handwoven using the telia technique, involving oil treatment of the yarn, and often feature elaborate designs.

Floral Frame


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