Amazing Facts About Shree Jagannatha Temple Puri

07/ MAY  /2023

Strangely Flag atop Jagannath Dham Mandir Believed to always floats in the opposite direction of wind

Shri Krishna's Heart as per Religious belief is still present in Bhagwan Jagannath Idol and every 12 years it placed in new Jagannath Idol in sacred ceramony where electricity of whole puri town is shut down

Architecture of Jagannath Dham is still a mystery that it does not cast any shadow at any given time of the day.

No Birds or Planes fly above the temple

 Positioning and placing of Sudharshan Chakra atop the temple is engineering mystery as irrespective of your position, you can always feel that the Sudharshan chakra is facing toward you

Singhadwara is the main entrance to the temple opposite to beach but once you passed the Singhadwaram you will no longer hear the sound of waves from sea

In any part of the world you must have witnessed that during daytime, the wind from sea comes to the land, whereas the wind from the land blows toward sea at evening.  

Everyday a priests climbs atop the 45 storey building to change the flag. This ritual has been in place for approx 1800 years. It is believed that if this ritual is ever missed, the temple will remain shut for the next 18 year

Everyday approx 2000 to 20,000 devotees visit the Jagannath Puri Dham but the quantity of Mahaprasad which cooked in Mandir's kitchen remains the same throughout the year yet Mahaprasadam never get wasted or is insufficient in any given day

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra is the World famous Religious festival considered as the World's Largest Chariot Festival