Amazing Places  To Visit  Near Mussoorie

28 August /2022

Mussoorie is a charming little hill station that sits at an altitude of 1880 m in the Garhwal hills, and offers you the ideal getaway when you desperately need one. Plus, it is surrounded by places that let you plan for more short and fun trips.


This picturesque hamlet lies not very far from Mussoorie, and has grabbed a rightful place in the tourism map for all the right reasons. Situated on the Chamba-Mussoorie road, this village makes for a perfect quiet escape.  


Famed as the Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas, this destination has been attracting adventure as well spiritual lovers from far and wide for ages.  


Sitting at a height of 2286 m, this picturesque spot should be an ideal pick for leisure lovers. Located just 30 minutes from Mussoorie, this place is famed for its calm ambience and serenity.  


The picturesque and misty cantonment town of Chakrata will surprise you in more than one way. Nestled at a height of 7000 ft. above the sea level, this destination is a one-stop destination for adventure lovers.  


Located in Tehri Garhwal, this destination is known for its raw and untouched natural beauty. Home to lush green deodar and pine jungles, this is also an ideal place that offers visitors the perfect respite from crowded and usual places.  


Located at just around 30km from Mussoorie, Dehradun makes for a quick getaway from Mussoorie, and features all that one would expect from a city located in the foothills of the Himalayas.