Assam's GI Tagged Product

30/ MAY  /2023

Muga Silk 

The silk is known for its extreme durability and has a natural yellowish-golden tint with a shimmering, glossy texture.

Assam Orthodox Tea

These are the teas that are grown and manufactured out of the basic Camellia  Sinensis var.

Karbi Anglong Ginger 

Karbi Anglong Ginger is a medium-size rhizome with yellow pores and skin identified for its distinctive pungency and heady aroma and is fibrous in nature with a shelf-life of 9 months.

Tezpur Litchi 

Tezpur Litchi is known for its excellent quality, pleasant flavour, juicy pulp with attractive red colour.

Joha Rice 

The aromatic rice of Assam is a renowned class under the Sali rice known as Joha.

Boka Choul

Boka Chaul, a paddy variety from Assam, on which Ahom soldiers subsisted during the Mughal era.

Kaji Nemu 

Kaji Nemu is one of the most common citrus fruits  of Assam.

Chokuwa Rice

Chokuwa Rice is one of the most cultivated rice  of Assam.


Judima, a home-made rice wine of Assam’s Dimasa tribe has become the first traditional brew in all of northeast to bag a GI tag.

Assam Gamosa

Gamosa a symbol of the culture and identity of Assam, has received GI tag.