Best Ecotourism Destinations  in India 

10/OCTOBER /2023

What is Ecotourism? 

Ecotourism is when you travel to areas with abundant natural bounty in a responsible and sustainable way. You should enjoy the destination without damaging it and affecting the well-being of the local people. 


Nagaland truly glorifies its traditions, customs, and varied ethnic groups. The high mountain ranges in the state offer breathtaking views that would make just about anyone drool in awe.


Meghalaya quite literally translates to an abode among clouds. Dreamy, picturesque, and full of nature’s bounties, Meghalaya is the perfect getaway for the rustic in you! 

West Bengal 

West Bengal Being a diverse melting pot of festivals, religions, architecture, culture, literature, and food, West Bengal is unrivaled as one of India’s greatest tourist destinations.

Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh It's located in the lower Himalayan ranges and has got everything an explorer can imagine - dense forests, beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery, verdant valleys, rich culture, history, and  much more.


Kerala can definitely be your next go-to destination for a nice family vacation. From vast coastlines to beautiful mountains, backwaters, and everything else in between, Kerala has it all.


Orissa, now known as Odisha, is “India’s best-kept secret.” And it is because this state just keeps surprising us on what its culture and vast coastal landscape holds.


Assam Planted south of the eastern Himalayas, the state is a cultural beacon that is home to multiple World Heritage Sites, national reserves, and parks.