Best Litchi Varieties in India 

20/ MAY  /2023

Why is Litchi farming profitable? 

Litchi is a demanded crop and farmers achieve its reasonable price in the market. Moreover, the taste of litchi fruit is liked by everyone and its per acre yield is higher.

Shahi Litchi

This variety of litchis are highly profitable in commercial production. However, the shape of this litchi variety is oblong conical and its average yield is 90 to 100 kg per tree.

Swarna Roopa

This variety of litchi is introduced in India and the Swarna Roopa is resistant to cracking of fruits. Also, it contains a high amount of total soluble solids.


Kasba variety of litchi is highly cultivated in the eastern Bihar. It has heart-shaped fruits which range from medium to large sizes with a 80/100 kg/tree of  average yield.


With an average yield of 90-100 kg/tree, the Purbi variety of litchi is mainly cultivated for table purposes. Moreover, the fruits have an  oblong-conical shape.

Rose Scented

This variety is named rose scented as the fruits give a rose like smell. Along with this, it can give about 80 to 90 kg of litchi fruits per tree, making it profitable.