Best Quotes By BTS' Kim Taehyung aka V!

29 May /2022

Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name V, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, vocalist record producer, dancer, and actor. He is a member of the popular K-pop group BTS.

Let's take a look at some of the quotes by BTS' V

"You know you really love someone when you don't hate them for breaking your heart."                – Kim Taehyung

"Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you"                – Kim Taehyung

"Hard work will never betray you"                – Kim Taehyung

"You can't spell 'Love' without 'V'                – Kim Taehyung

"Trust is like paper. When it crumbles, it will never be perfect again"                – Kim Taehyung

"Don't be trapped in someone else's dream."                  – Kim Taehyung

"Even though it's tough, we can endure it and keep going."                    – Kim Taehyung