Best Road Trips To Take In India This Winter

06/DECEMBER /2023

Ahmedabad to Kutch 

Take this mesmerizing journey through the desert landscape that will take you to the surreal White Rann of Kutch, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and arts during the Rann Utsav. 

Shillong to Cherrapunji 

This exciting road trip through Meghalaya offers lush greenery, stunning waterfalls, which will offer you the opportunity to explore the living root bridges, and also one of the wettest places on Earth 

Dehradun to Kanatal

This scenic drive will take you to the picturesque hill station of Mussoorie, known for its colonial architecture, tranquil ambience, and misty mountains, making it a perfect winter escape. You can also choose to cross Landour and then Dhanaulti to reach here. 

Mumbai to  Goa 

Enjoy this scenic coastal drive and drive through the beautiful beaches along the way, making this road trip a coastal paradise. 

Jaipur to  Jaisalmer 

Witness the grandeur of Rajasthan's forts and palaces on this route, immersing yourself in the royal heritage of the state. 

Chennai to Puducherry

A coastal road trip offering serene beach towns and French-influenced architecture, perfect for a relaxing escape. 

Guwahati to Tawang 

Drive through the picturesque landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh, where stunning mountains and monasteries await.

Bengaluru to  Ooty 

Experience this serene escape into the lap of nature as you make your way through the picturesque Nilgiri Hills and lush tea plantations. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility  of this region. 

Kolkata to  Digha 

Embark on a coastal adventure to explore the stunning West Bengal coastline, complete with serene beaches and the delightful charm of a  seaside getaway. 

Delhi to Agra 

Visit the iconic Taj Mahal and explore the historical city like never before. The drive from Delhi to Agra will be in itself an experience to remember.