23 JANUARY /2023

Bts' Jin-Inspired Trendy Bags For All Occasion

Stylish sling

What better than a simple sling to carry all your basic necessary items? They  are chic and hold  enough space. 

Ready For Work

Jin managed to grab our attention with his elegant bag well suited for the  off-to-work look.

Classic Bagpack

So cool! A simple bagpack is all you need to complete your look and make that impression.

Fashion King

Kim Seokjin has a classy collection of amazing  bags, suitable for  all occasions.

The Trip Tote

Jin never misses with his airport fashion. Be it his outfit or the bag, the BTS star will always  be the best.

Malta Diarie

Now we know where the bag came from. A souvenir for himself from their  trip to Malta.

Statement Bag 

Wow! He has many such bags that perfectly pair with his attire and are stylish too.

Rocking in Black 

When the entire ensemble is in black, then why leave out the bag? If you doing  all-black, then do it right.

Official Addition 

His bag collection is quite impressive but in that,  the black ones are  even more so.