BTS' Jungkook-Approved Casual Yet Chic Look

26 July /2022

All-Black Set 

JK looking all fine in this black pair. A casual and comfy hoodie along with loose pants is perfect for any day.

Classic Combo 

You cannot go wrong with blue jeans and a white  T-shirt, especially in this long sleeve one, Jungkook looks too soft.

Those Shorts 

When you want to be comfortable yet look your relaxed best! Take tips from this outfit when you are off to the airport.

Simply Legendary

This JK is still fresh in ARMY’s mind. Those boots, the tucked-in-Balenciaga shirt, and the hair, everything is perfect. 

Match it! 

The singer knows how to rock a full set. Even you can take cues from this and wear such a set with an open jacket paired with a shirt.

A Traditional Touch 

How about this modern Hanbok? Jungkook gives us a new way of rocking the Hanbok. Traditional is simply the best.

Oh Wow! 

What better than a buttoned shirt tucked into your pants? Add a belt and good pair of shoes and you are good to go.

Another One 

Once again, we have JK in a set. A denim combo can be difficult to style, but not when you find the perfect matching colours.

The Best! 

This outfit fits any day and any occasion. He goes for the classic white sneakers to complete his entire look.