BTS Jungkook Global Cyber University

20 April / 2022

EIS' Jungkook graduates from University with the `President's Award'

BTS' youngest member has officially graduated from Global Cyber University! On March 1, the graduation ceremony for 2021 was held online at Ilji Art Haft in Seoul, and broadcast live on YouTube.

BTS' Jungkook received the 'President's Award', the highest honour given by the university at the ceremony.

Although, Jungkook was unable to attend in person. The US member shared a video of his acceptance speech, which was aired live during the ceremony.

In his speech, Jungkook shared, "They say graduation is a lull-stop or sorts while also being a beginning, so it reels touching, but is giving an exciting reeling at the same time’’.

Thank you for giving me this precious award, I think Learning something is always run, cool, and exciting."

With Jungkook's graduation, six out of seven members of BTS have graduated from the Department of broadcasting and Entertainment.

Last year, BTS' V and Jimin had also graduated from Global Cyber University, receiving the `President's Award'.

Additionally, Jungkook's `Stay Alive (Prod. SUGAY) has achieved a new milestone on Spotify, in just 17 days since its release.

`Stay Alive' is now the most streamed song by a Korean artist on Spotify released in 2022.

Garnering over 43.4 million streams in less than three weeks. 'Stay Alive' has shot past Kepler's debut song WA DA DA' and ENHYPEN's `Polaroid Love'.

Jungkook further shared, “We must all not miss this moment, and go forth towards our goals, just as we are doing now"