July 22, 2020

BTS Suga's Timeless Jackets To Add To Your Closet 

23 April/2022

Leather jackets are synonymous with Suga at this point. If you could steal one fashion statement from his closet, this should definitely be it !

The Suga Style

Suga and his love for leather jackets is known far and wide; it sure is one timeless piece we can totally get behind.


Hot or cute, Suga's leather jacket looks will always remain  top - tier.

The Duality, Though ! 

Donning his old dragon jacket, one takeaway from Suga's look is that black is always a safe bet 

His Love For Black

An oversized Khaki jacket is always a good investment for girls and guys alike. Pair it with anything under the sun and it will work well.

The Khaki Look 

Another timeless classic is Suede. A clean - cut well fitted Suede jacket will never let you down.

Suede For The Win

If comfy but chic is more up your alley, it is never too late to look at dapper windbreakers.

Warm and Cosy

Denim on denim still remains controversial, but denim jackets should be a constant in any and every closet.

Denim Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Bored of blacks and beiges ? Add in a pop of colour to your ensemble with vibrant bomber jackets.

Pop Of Colour