Career Options In Psychology

15 / JUNE  /2023


A total of eight years of post-graduate study is required to become a psychiatrist. Aspiring psychiatrists must undergo a four-year residency which involves working in psychiatric units of hospitals. Average Salary: Rs. 4,00,000- Rs. 9,00,000/yr

Clinical Psychologist

To be called a Clinical Psychologist, you must first acquire an RCI licence, which can be obtained after completing an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology at an RCI recognized institution.Average Salary: Rs. 2,00,000-Rs. 3,00,000/yr

Organisational Psychologist

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology is required for an individual to pursue this career.Average Salary:  Rs. 3,00,000/yr


To become a neuropsychologist, one must hold a doctorate level degree in Psychology and undergo neuropsychological training.Average Salary:  Rs. 4,00,000-Rs. 5,00,000/yr

Forensic Psychologist

After pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology, one must obtain a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology to be eligible for this job.Average Salary:  Rs. 3,00,000-Rs. 4,00,000/yr

Counselling Psychologist

This is one of the most popular career options in Psychology. A Masters degree in Counselling Psychology is required to pursue this job option. Average Salary: Rs. 3,00,000-Rs. 4,00,000/yr

Child Psychologist

The common course of study for a child psychologist is a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialisation in child development or child psychology.Average Salary: Rs. 4,00,000/yr