Deadliest Roads in the World

28/ APRIL  /2023

Atlantic Ocean Road In Norway

A lot of Norway, including the Atlantic Ocean Road, gives you a breathtaking scene. While some of this road is perfectly safe to drive along, another part is incredibly dangerous. 

Bayburt D915 In Turkey

This 66-mile road in Turkey has 29 hairpin bends along its route. None of those bends, nor any portion of the road, has barriers or railings. So, the only thing stopping you from accidentally driving off the edge is your own driving skills.

Dalton Highway In Alaska

The Dalton Highway or Dalton Pass spans 414 miles or 666 kilometers from Deadhorse to Elliot Highway. Despite the dangerous nature of the road, it is commonly used by truckers heading to or from Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields.

Fairy Meadows Road In Pakistan

One of the deadliest roads in Pakistan is the Fairy Meadows Road. This road spans 16.2 kilometers in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. The entire road of made of gravel not pavement, so you will never get a good grip.

Guoliang Tunnel Road In China

Building a road to reach a village that was previously virtually unreachable seems admirable. But the resulting Guoliang Tunnel Road to the village of Guoliang is also very dangerous.  

Karakoram Highway In Pakistan and China

This highway connects China and Pakistan with each other. It spans 800 miles, and the biggest risk associated with the road is its landslides. That being said, it is also prone to flooding, heavy snow, and avalanches.

Killar to Pangi Road In India

This road spans 70 miles or 113 kilometers through Kishtwar, a mountainous area of northern India. It has hundreds of deaths reported, and experts believe there are similar numbers that have gone unreported. 

North Yungas Road In Bolivia

The North Yungas Road has earned the unofficial title of “most dangerous highway in the world.” This comes from a combination of its height, narrowness, and lack of guardrails. 

Siberian Road to Yakutsk In Russia

The cold temperatures and isolation are the primary threats on the Siberian Road to Yakutsk. To give you an idea of how cold this road gets in the winter, this is the only place other than Antarctica where we’ve recorded the coldest temperatures. 

Skippers Canyon In New Zealand

Skippers Canyon is a unique road in New Zealand thanks to its numerous sections without pavement and its hills. The road was first constructed as the 19th century came to a close more than 140 years ago.