Deepika's Fitness Secrets Behind Her Bikini Body 

21 DECEMBER /2022

Pilates everyday 

Deepika practises Pilates everyday . She has always sworn by Pilates' extending and strengthening effects. Deepika adores exercising, and the form maintaining the quality of Pilates. 

Never skips meals

When it comes to foods, Padukone's diet plan doesn't have any absolute bans. She makes good food decisions and doesn't tend to skip meals that she enjoys.21 

Eats a balanced diet 

Deepika ensures she consumes a good amount of protein, fibre and vitamins in her diet. She eats quinoa for dinner too. 

Preps the body for workout 

Deepika starts her workout with a light run for warm-up. This makes her body  ready to do that high  intensity workout. 

Finishes with a stretch 

After her gruelling workout routine, Deepika loves to do some stretching, which she absolutely enjoys. 


Deepika likes variation in her workout. She does Kickboxing combined with French artists' house music. 

Consistency is the key 

Deepika gets in some stretching or a 10-minute treadmill walk even when she's travelling or running short of time. 

Strength training 

Studies show that strength exercise increases metabolism, helps you burn more calories, and lowers anxiety. Deepika's  slender body looks  like a outcome of it. 

Does Jujutsu

One of the B-town celebs with training in the martial art of jujutsu is Deepika Padukone. She often trains and practises it with her trainer. 

Eats every 2 hours 

She never stays on an empty stomach and consumes smoothies, fruits, or natural fresh drinks like coconut water every two hours.