Famous Tea Estates in Assam

30/ APRIL  /2023

Monabari Tea Estate  

Located in the Biswanath Chariali district of Assam, the Monabari tea garden is the largest tea estate in Asia, covering an area of 1367.38 makes Monabari tea garden a must-visit.

Halmari Tea  Estate 

Located in the Sivasagar district of Moran in Assam, the Halmari Tea Estate is a renowned tea producer owned by the Daga family. 

Mangalam Tea Estate 

Nestled in the Sivasagar district of Assam, the Mangalam Tea Estate covers an area of 118 hectares, showcasing a unique and distinct tea plantation pattern. 

Corramore Tea Estate 

Corramore Tea Estate, situated in the Udalguri district of Assam, covers an area of 480 hectares. 

Amchong Tea Estate 

Nestled in Panbari Mouza of Kamrup district, Assam lies the charming Amchong Tea Estate. Just a 20-minute drive from the bustling city of Guwahati, this 1782-acre estate is renowned for its impeccable tea production

Sapoi Tea Estate 

The Sapoi Tea Estate is a magnificent land located in the Sonitpur District of Assam, covering 2600 acres of ancestral land. 

Manohari Tea Estate 

Located in Dibrugarh, Assam, Manohari Tea Estate covers an area of 340.12 hectares and is home to the most expensive specialty tea in the world. 

Nagrijuli Tea Estate 

Nestled in the serene Baksa district of Assam, Nagrijuli Tea Estate offers a unique blend of natural beauty and quality tea. The estate's name is derived from the local term "Narchi-Juri," which translates to "eternal spring." 

Nonoi Tea Estate 

Nonoi Tea Estate, located in the Nagaon district of Assam, is a beautiful tea garden that covers an area of 959.17 hectares. 

Jalinga Tea Estate 

Jalinga Tea Estate in Cachar District, Assam, is a century-old tea garden spread over 1644.19 hectares, out of which 656.96 hectares is dedicated to tea production.