Hornbill Festival 2023 Lights Up Nagaland 

What Is The Hornbill Festival? 

The Hornbill Festival is an annual cultural festival celebrated in the state of Nagaland. 

What Happens In The Festival 

During the festival, there are folk dances, traditional music, local cuisine,  handicraft, art workshops, etc. 

Where Is The Hornbill Festival Held? 

The festival is held at the heritage village of  Kisama, about 12 km  from Kohima. 

Why Is The Festival Celebrated? 

This festival is celebrated to protect and promote the rich culture of Nagaland and keep alive its age-old traditions. 

When Is It Celebrated? 

It usually takes place from December 1 to December 10 each year. This year too, it is taking place on  the same dates. 

Why Is It Called Hornbill?  

The festival is named after the hornbill, a bird prominent in Naga folklore and often reflected in the traditional tribal dances and songs performed during the fest.

Hornbill, The Most Revered  

The festival pays tribute to the hornbill, the most admired and revered bird for the Nagas for its qualities of alertness and grandeur.

Significance Of The Festival 

It is one of the largest indigenous festivals in India, organised by the state government of Nagaland to promote tourism in the state. 

Various Tribes 

It provides an insight into the different tribes of Nagaland. Naga Morungs exhibition is also organised during  the festival. 

What Else? 

The Heritage complex at Hornbill Festival consists of 17 indigenously designed houses, each representing a  different tribe. 

Who's Who In Attendance 

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, attended this vibrant cultural festival. 

Others Who Attended The Festival 

There were delegates from US, UK, Columbia and Germany who attended this festival. Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio was also present at the event. 

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