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Lined Circle

According to the lunar registry, you can actually purchase a piece of moon in the landing sits such as 'Bay of Rainbows', 'Sea of Rains', 'Lake of Dreams', 'Sea of Serenity' and many others.

From Where to Buy and How?

Lunar Land Registration Official Website i.e. 

Cost of Land on the Moon

According to the Lunar Registry website, which is one of the most popular and reputable sites that sell lunar land, the current property offerings range from $29.07 per acre (Rs. 2,405 per acre) to $45.54 per acre (Rs.3,767.25) in different regions, such as the Bay of Rainbows, the Sea of Tranquility, or the Lake of Happiness. 

Bollywood Celebrities Who Own Plots on the Moon

Some famous celebrities who have reportedly bought land on the moon include Sushant Singh Rajput and Shah Rukh Khan. They may have done so for fun or as a tribute to their passion for astronomy and space exploration.

Please Note

According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, no nation can claim sovereignty over any celestial body, and activities in space must be for the benefit of all humankind1. Therefore, any private company or individual that claims to own or sell land on the moon is likely violating international law and may not have any legal rights to the property they are offering. However, some people still buy land on the moon as a novelty gift or a symbolic gesture.