Jonbeel Mela: Glimpse Into Ancient Barter System

16/JANUARY /2024

Jonbeel Mela 

Jonbeel Mela, a three-day annual fair of the indigenous Tiwa community, is set to commence this weekend of Magh Bihu. The event takes place at Dayang Belguri in Joonbeel, a historic site located just 3 km from Jagiroad in Morigaon  district, Assam. 

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The Jonbeel Mela, a significant cultural event in India, reportedly commenced no later than the  15th-century AD.

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A grand bazaar is set to take place during an upcoming mela. Indigenous tribal communities from the Assam Hills and surrounding areas, including the Hills Tiwa, Karbi, Khasi, and Jayantia tribes of the northeast, will be participating. They will descend from the hills a few days before the mela begins, bringing with them a variety of products. 

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Barter System 

The unique aspect of this bazaar is the barter system, where these tribes will exchange their merchandise with the local indigenous Assamese people.

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Harmony and Brotherhood 

The theme of the mela is harmony and brotherhood among the various tribes and communities scattered in the Northeast India.

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Cultural Events 

Exquisite traditional dance and music are performed by the various tribes during  the mela

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Cock Fights 

Cock fights, group melas, and exhibitions of varied artifacts form prime attractions for the visitors from all around  the community.

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Date of Commencement 

Jonbeel Mela set to enchant Jagiroad from January 18

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